Creativity in Motion (7-17 years old)

Does your child love to dance? Does your child love theatre? If so this class is for them! Guided by our dance/movement therapist, students will bring stories to life through movement and music. With current pop hits, tunes from popular musicals and even a few traditional song choices as our inspiration, students will develop their range of motion, coordination, and creativity as they invent their own dance moves and incorporate those of other classmates!


This class was created to enhance students’ personal growth through increasing body awareness, coordination, and self confidence.  Students will also take turns acting out parts of a story and trying on different dance movements from the story.  Each session is created with a different focus and flare for both male and female students.  No class is the same so students can continue to enroll in this fun, entertaining program each session.


 Fall 2018: Broadway Musicals from Around the World
Monday’s  5:00 – 6:00 pm
September – December
Crow Island School


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