Registration Program/Dates

Creativity in Motion (7 – 17 years old)

Wednesday’s, 5:30-6:30 pm

Begins June 22 – August 10
Glenview Dance & Music Academy
Students use music, movement and dance to express their heart and soul.
Registration Open
Creating Outside the Lines (Adults 18 and over)
Tuesday’s, May 31 – June 28
Youth Services of Glenview
Theme: Improv Class
Registration Open

Musical Theatre Programs (10-22 years old) 

(Chicago & Palatine)
Thursday’s, 4:30-6 pm
2017 Performance: Shrek

Chicago: Ebinger School, 7350 W. Pratt Avenue (begins in September)

Sundling School, 1100 N. Smith Street (begins in November)


Tuesday OR Wednesday’s, 4:15-5:30 pm
Performance: The Lion King

Skokie School, 520 Glendale, Winnetka (begins in September)

Peer Mentors and Buddies
Interested in being a mentor in one of our programs? Click here!

Evaluation Process
New students are evaluated by our experienced staff prior to program start. These evaluations help us identify appropriate class placement and assess individual needs in order to create an environment and lesson plan tailored to your child.

3 Easy Ways to Register (with our Student Registration Form r3.12)!
Mail: Address is on top of registration form

Fax: You may fax your registration to 888-564-6021. Please call 847.564.7704 to verify your fax was received in readable condition.

Email: Print, complete and scan your registration form and email it to info@specialgiftstheatre.org.

Payment Information
Payment: We accept Personal Check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. Once you child has been accepted to the program, tuition can be paid at that time or a monthly interest free payment plan can be set up for your convenience. Checks should be made payable to Special Gifts Theatre.

You can also register by completing the electronic form below.

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