In the Musical Theatre Program students are engaged in educational and therapeutic programming that consists of classroom activities as well as rehearsal and performance experiences. Using the stage as a platform, the focus of this program is to enhance social skills, develop emotional literacy ability, and increase self-esteem.  Each student is paired with a peer mentor and together they practice character development, learn choreography, and perform on stage – all of which culminates into a full production for audiences of over 1,800 annually!

Research has demonstrated that the creative arts, particularly drama and music have a profound, positive impact on individuals with special needs.

Specific outcomes include:

  • Enhanced self-esteem and self confidence
  • Increased problem solving , listening and communication skills
  • Improved cooperation and teamwork
  • Improved social skills and friendships

This program is for students 10-22 years old.


Check out this video from a parents’ perspective: