“What do the words ‘Special Gifts TheatreĀ  mean to me? I notice that it’s not called ‘Special NEEDS Theatre.’ It’s ‘Special GIFTS Theatre.’ That means so much to parents! Our son says that he’s ‘special’ because of this program, and it’s made him so much more confident. He talks about SGT all year long and really looks forward to it.”

“What makes SGT so unique? It brings kids with all kinds of special needs together in one place and allows them to try new things among themselves. The staff adapts their shows to each child individually so that all kids can take part and be a success.”

“So many people are involved in SGT, and each one touches so many others. It’s a small ripple effect that grows to make a huge difference in the lives of everyone involved.”

“Our daughter had a fabulous experience and couldn’t wait until the next session.”

“This is an unbelievable program it gave my child the opportunity to express herself in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Great concept! Glad to see you accomplishing this area of self-expression.”

“The children have something to look forward to. They are so proud of being the ones in the spotlight!”

Awesome! Our students talk about their experiences with Special Gifts Theatre all the time.”

“I really commend the work that Special Gifts Theatre does with our students. It’s a wonderful program. You are truly a special gift yourselves.”

“Through the process, our students achieved skills in socialization, communication, sequencing and many other goals.”

“I saw my student do things on the stage that they would never do in the classroom. You helped them to reach their IEP goals without them knowing they were doing anything but having fun!!”

“My student looked so forward to his Special Gifts Theatre class. Since SGT, he is not too shy to get up in front of the class and speak. His class participation has increased significantly.”

“This is a wonderful program… Thank you for changing the children’s lives in such a meaningful way.”

“After challenging my students for six hours a day, Special Gifts Theatre gave my students a chance to be themselves, express themselves, and ‘let loose’ in an appropriate environment.”

Healthcare Professionals:
Director of Therapeutic Recreation:
“Our students have never had the opportunity to perform on stage. The abilities of our students range from verbal to nonverbal, ambulatory to non-ambulatory. On stage, all we see are abilities and the disabilities remained elsewhere.”

Occupational Therapists:
“Students showed positive feelings though facial expression and body language.”

“Students showed increased awareness of surrounding environment and attention to tasks.”

“Great job! The show adapted nicely to the students’ level of abilities.”

Audience Member:
“I was particularly struck by the appreciation of the audience for each child’s effort and the friendliness of the applause, even laughter. This was a group that could fully appreciate each child’s accomplishments. SGT is so special.”