Stand Out! is a technical-theatre workshop for young adults (14 years & older) being offered during the 2021 summer. Throughout the ten workshops, students will meet with an occupational therapy student and peer mentor/volunteer to create a production from start to finish. Through this private coaching, students will explore all aspects of technical theatre and create a final performance to share with family and friends. From script writing to set design – these hour-long virtual workshops give students hands-on experience in every aspect of production! 

Following this workshop, students can expect growth in:

  • Choice or decision making 

  • Problem solving 

  • Self-advocacy and regulation

  • Goal setting and attainment

  • Positive sense of self 

Following this workshop, peer mentors/volunteers can expect growth in:

  • Leadership skills

  • Activity adaptation

  • Program development

  • Time management 

  • Collaborative team-building

This program is part of a research study and will require a meeting with the instructor, participant and parent/guardian to sign required consent forms (virtual) prior to the first session. For more information on the study, email sconrad@specialgiftstheatre.org

This program is for students 14+ years old. 

Schedule & Registration