The Peer Mentor and Buddy Program is a very unique component to SGT’s programs. This mentoring program consists of Peer Mentors and Peer Buddies, who are typically developing children that can range in age from seven years through late teens. These Peer Mentors are then matched one-on-one with students in the program. The mentors attend all classes and rehearsals with their “theatre buddy” and are onstage with them during each performance.

This program has proven to extend beyond the boundaries of Special Gifts Theatre, as friendships, understanding and respect grow on a daily basis. When possible, we try to have mentors and theatre buddies in the same school district so relationships can continue to grow outside of SGT. This becomes an important part of our mission as we “break down stereotypes related to disabilities within the community at large.” This program offers as many growth experiences for our mentors as it does for our students with special needs. Experiencing diversity early in life helps children learn to accept and appreciate others for their inner creative being.


Peer Mentors/Buddies come to the program one day a week and spend about 1 to 1 ½ hours per week in the classroom with their theatre buddy. The specific days and times of the week vary since we do have multiple programs that offer Peer Mentors/Buddies. The length of the program can be from two to seven months where each mentor works directly with a student that has special needs.  The friendship and bond that grows between these two individuals during the program are significant.  Each week the student looks forward to seeing their buddy so together they can work on the show. Since the Peer Mentor has such an important role with the student, a strong commitment on behalf of each mentor is required for this program.

Peer Mentors work with their “theatre buddy” in the classroom and on stage. Activities shared together include exercises, games, learning lines, acting techniques, dancing and singing. Each session ends with an on-stage production. As the season comes to an end, peer mentors are expected to be at dress rehearsals and performances to assist and encourage their theatre buddy on stage.

Peer Mentors develop friendships, understanding, and respect thus raising a generation of peers who reach across the barriers of differences and create environments of acceptance! The use of peer mentors:

  • Foster inclusion
  • Builds friendships that celebrate and honor creative differences
  • Develops new awareness about disabilities

Program Registration 

If you are interested in being a peer mentor or buddy, please click here or on the Schedule and Registration link below for more information about all of our programs and to apply/register by completing the online registration form.  

Interview Process
Once we receive your registration information, you will be contacted to set up an informal meeting with a Peer Mentor Coordinator to determine availability and placement in the program. Due to the one-to-one matching of the peer mentor program, space is limited.

There is a fee to participate in the peer mentor and buddy programs.  Fees can be paid immediately or a monthly interest-free payment plan can be set up for your convenience. We accept Personal Check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. SGT never turns anyone away for financial reasons, inquire about our financial assistance fund if needed.