Here are some of our all time favorite SGT theatre activities that can be done in the comfort of your own home.  Share photos or video of your family doing the SGT Fun at Home Theatre Activities on social media and tag @specialgiftstheatre on Facebook or Instagram and use #wereallinthistogether!




In these uncertain times, help us bring our community together. In the spirit of the #wereallinthistogether campaign, we’re sharing a YouTube video of our SGT traditional song that everyone loves, “We’re All In This Together!” Practice singing and dancing, have your entire family join! 

Click  below to watch We’re All In This Together video!

Theatre Activities:

  • Yes It Is! – Start with everyone sitting in a circle.  Choose an object to pass around (i.e., a cardboard box, paper towel tube, banana, or anything else you find around the house).  First talk about what the object is and normally used for.  Once identified, going around the circle, each person transforms the object (i.e. paper towel tube) into somthing new by using pantomime (i.e. a toothbruch, a baseball bat, etc.) as others in the circle guess what is being pantomimed.  Each time chanting “Yes It Is!” once the object has been transformed. This activity promotes therapeutic skills of creativity, nonverbal and verbal communication, and role playing!

  • Silly Sounds – Start with making cards/pieces of paper with all different silly sounds (i.e. dog barking, car horn, laughter, motorcycle, or anything else you can think of) that will be pulled from a hat. The first person who pulls the card will make the sound loud and clear and then everyone else will repeat doing it all together as clearly as possible. Then the next person pulls a card and repeats the same actions.  This activity promotes voice projection and clarity.

  • Mirror Game – Participants will sit/stand in pairs facing each other. The idea is that one person is the leader slowly doing different faces, movements, or poses. The other person is the “‘mirror” and the goal is to follow along at the same time with the leader copying the faces/actions of the leader without ever touching. Here are some ideas…silly faces, faces with emotion, movements like patting your head, rubbing your tummy, moving hands, feet, legs, arms, etc. Then switch to let the other person have a turn as being the mirror. You can even switch it up with switching partners!  This activity promotes therapeutic skills of eye contact, focus, nonverbal communication, and empathy.

  • Pass the Gesture – Start with everyone in a circle. Someone begins with saying a line from their favorite SGT production (or their favorite movie, any common phrase, etc.) and add a gesture while speaking the line/phrase. For example: “Hurry up, Jane. Let’s run!” as the person jogs in place. The next person repeats the line and action, and so on until everyone in the circle has done it. Then the next person in the circle says a line along with a gesture with everyone else repeating line and action. And so on. This activity incorporates therapeutic movement, and promotes verbal and non-verbal communication and focus for better concentration.

  • WooshIn a circle, participants will pass an imaginary “Woosh” ball around in a circle saying the word “Woosh” as they pass it to the person next to them. The idea is that they need to make eye contact with the person they are passing it to. This imaginary ball can be passed in different ways (i.e. silly, mad, disgusted, adventurous, brave, stinky, hot potato) – use your imagination! This activity incorporates therapeutic skills of eye contact movement, and creativity.

  • Magic Elevator –  Participants will line up against a wall or imaginary line pretending they are in a Magic Elevator.  Everyone can take turns calling out different numbers for the floors that the elevator lands on.  As each floor is called, participants will move about the space acting as whatever type of character was called out for that floor.  Then someone will say, “doors closing” and everyone will move back to the wall / line.  Here are some character suggestions; Aladdin, Jafar, a princess, Alex the Lion, a penguin, Mary Poppins, chimney sweep, kite kid, or any of your favorite characters from an SGT production or movie.  This activity promotes therapeutic skills of movement and creativity.


    Click below for a choreography movement/warm-up video:

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