Special Gifts Theatre’s creative drama classes and theatre programs utilize the special skills of Occupational, Physical, Recreational and Speech Therapists, as well as special education teachers and theatre arts professionals. Their training enables them to be flexible and adapt activities and programming to specific situations and individual needs.

As the program continues to grow, so does the SGT “dream team” of specialized professionals. With over 30 team members, each child has the benefit of experiencing a ratio of one teacher to every three students. The teachers of SGT carefully review the history of each child to implement a comprehensive program that combines their academic Individual Education Plan (IEP) and personal goals focusing on both creative dramatics and school. The SGT teachers are dedicated to the success of each child in the program. Lesson plans, progress notes and evaluation summaries combined with parent communication are instrumental for a successful outcome.

The team of professionals is carefully designed allowing each class to benefit from both special education and theatre professionals. Classroom aids and peer mentors are also part of the team structure. To help facilitate and direct each session, each team has the guidance of both an educational manager and production manager. A full team of theatre professionals—stage managers, sound/light technicians, directors, and costumers help create the full production. Finally, to develop the final production, a production manager in conjunction with the rest of the SGT team helps bring the classroom “vision” into a reality on stage.

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