Student Spotlight

Kelly, SGT Student

This is Kelly’s 8th season with SGT. She has been in the program since she was 4 years old and absolutely loves coming back year after year. SGT is a place that Kelly can express herself without judgment and a place she can perform and shine. I have seen growth in her confidence, and in
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Kyle, SGT Student

For Kyle, SGT is about much more than acting. It’s about friendships and independence.  As a parent, it is refreshing to have him be part of something he can be proud of doing all by himself.  At birthday parties or school social events we have always been asked to help out.  When SGT had the
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Carlos, SGT Student

Carlos was 10 years old and had never had a playdate. Then we joined SGT and all that changed. Not only does he now have friends and frequent social activities that he is part of (including attending his mentors Bar Mitzvah) but his social skills have taken off to new heights! We finally found a
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