Mentor Spotlight

Advisory Committee

1 committee, 11 students, unlimited ideas! Our Peer Mentor Advisory Committee has taken on more than simply advising new mentors. Sarah has raised over $5000 with her fundraising efforts, Kevin is putting together a group of friends to support SGT, Katie is increasing our social media efforts – the list goes on!  All of them
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Geoff and Jeremy, Peer Mentors

Being part of SGT has helped me become a better leader and a more understanding and open-minded person. I return ever year because I love to help people, I love the program, and honestly, it’s really fun! SGT has shown me how diverse our population really is. The students come from all different backgrounds, different
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Katie Chang, SGT Peer Mentor

I can’t even describe to you how lucky I am to have discovered this organization 7 years ago. SGT literally changed my life. It changed my perception of people with disabilities. It changed my approach to people in general. It gave me such an incredible peek into what life is like for those who don’t have
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