Kenneth and Susan

Grandparents of Emma, SGT peer mentor
Special, that’s what SGT is all about.  It tugs at our hearts to see the pride and sense of accomplishment that these kids receive being part of the production.  We must also remember the peer mentors that gladly give their time.  And, a special shout out goes to the entire staff who work tirelessly to put the productions together.

We are very proud to support this great organization!


SGT Staff Member
“SGT has provided our family with wonderful lessons in compassion, understanding and giving back. Our family has benefited just as much as the Special Gifts themselves. We have been happy to support the organization over the years.” – Cathy and Bob, parents of Jeremy

Special Gifts Theatre has been part of my life since I became a mentor in 3rd Grade. I could never have imagined the relationship created with my buddy throughout the years. Meeting with him every week, practicing lines, celebrating accomplishments; by seventh grade, we were simply friends, as opposed to a mentor and buddy. Just last year, he told me that he took two public buses to see the show; demonstrating what SGT is all about: breaking down barriers and showing the true potential of all individuals.

After mentoring for 6 years, I began volunteering on the stage crew and soon after, accepted the position of Stage Crew Chief – becoming the youngest team member on staff.  My years as a mentor, volunteer, and staff member at SGT have set the course for my life to be one of compassion, acceptance, and advocacy for all individuals.

This has truly been a family effort. My sister, Hannah, joined me as a mentor for most of her high school experience, while my parents remain proud supporters. Together, we thank SGT for the lessons learned and encourage you to help be part of continuing the hard work!