A Parent Perspective


Meet my son Asher…a Peer Mentor

Asher saw his first SGT performance when he was in third grade and knew immediately that he wanted to be a part of the program.   He became a mentor the following year and has been with the program ever since – now in his sixth year.

To mark the occasion of his becoming a bar mitzvah, Asher chose to educate and involve his friends in his work with SGT.   Asher’s friends and family were invited to assemble informational packets about the program, paint sections of the set and decorate banners for the auditorium.   Instead of gifts, Asher requested that guests make donations to SGT, raising over $15,000 for the program.

Asher’s experience with SGT certainly extends to his life outside the program.  Patience and empathy are values and skills taught at home, but definitely enhanced by participating in SGT.  What Asher likes most about his time with SGT is feeling that he is making a difference!