Early Childhood (3-6 years old)

The Early Childhood Program (ECP) is an outstanding drama opportunity for a young child with special needs. Through this program children reenact a story. Through creative drama techniques, the story is performed in the child’s own words conveying their own meanings and encourages pre-literacy development. Since memorization is not involved, the process allows students to synthesize and translate various educational concepts into personally, meaningful form.

This program provides active experiences compatible with a range of learning styles.  The children make connections to stories utilizing story dramatization, music and other multi-sensory experiences.  The active learning opportunities focus in the areas of movement, language and early literacy development.  Research and practice have proven the powerful impact of utilizing the creative arts on a young child’s cognitive and affective learning. The program culminates into a “Story Show” that demonstrates the components of the class to family and friends.

Research in this area has shown the positive effect of using creative drama in literature. These techniques become especially successful for students with special needs that may have different learning styles. This is due to the multi-sensory, highly experiential components of creative drama. Documented research has proven that sensory involvement consistently increases learning comprehension.

The SGT Early Childhood Program is process centered. The program does not focus on a polished, final performance. The success of the program is not measured by the level of theatrical skill, but rather by the ideas, risks and inventiveness it elicits, as well as the creative expression it promotes.

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