Creative Drama (7-9 years old)

The Creative Drama Program (CDP), focuses on promoting natural conversation, out of the box thinking, and emotional literacy.  Through the use of drama activities including improvisation, storytelling, and role playing, the students develop the ability to empathize with the expressed emotions of others, explore creative thinking abilities, and gain confidence in using unscripted conversational skills. The final performance is scripted by the students themselves!

This program builds on a pre-literacy base and begins to explore and understand the structure of dramatic stories by using their body, voice, mind and imagination.

CDP students not only develop an expressiveness, awareness and flexibility in their active exploration of stories and short plays, but develop personal confidence in their ability to work in a group. Cooperation, social building and awareness, interactive communication, listening, creativity and performance techniques are all important skills that we incorporate throughout the program.

There is a Peer Buddy component included in CDP. Each child with special needs is matched one on one with a typically developing peer. Together, they learn new and developing skills while fostering respect and learning social interaction and group cooperation.

A final production is performed to an audience size within the students’ comfort level. Using simple costume pieces and props, they create characters that bring stories to life.

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